Water heaters have the possibility of exploding!

It is important your water heaters Pressure Relief valve is (PRV) properly installed, and tested monthly. Its vital the unit have a discharge pipe that directs the scalding hot steam & water that discharges from this pipe dictates in need be directed and terminated 1-6″ above floor.

This is a small 20 Gal water heater in a commercial buildings restroom. It is also electric, which the problem with older electric water heaters, especially in areas with high water mineralization content that through electrolysis adhere to the anodes in the water heater that heat the water. But, when they get too encrusted with scale and minerals they do not register the correct thermostatic temperature, and do not turn off when the high point of water temperature is reached, and just stays on until its higher than boiling, and then………………….KerPowww! Hopefully with nobody standing in front of the counter they do not even know there is a water heater under.