Sewer Line Inspections For Businesses

Portland and Vancouver Commercial Property Inspector

Approximately 75% of the main sewer lines inspected on commercial and multi-family properties are found to have issues that need attention and/or major repairs. Sewer lines cannot be seen or inspected without the assistance of specialized camera equipment. With the help of Oracle Inspection Consulting, you can bring to light any problems with a sewer line. Using cutting-edge equipment and reporting, we can identify problems such as grease build up, connection displacements, rust, or sags in the sewer line.

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The Importance Of Sewer Line Inspections

Most main sewer lines are made from materials that wear out and are prone to damage as the result of seismic activity, tree roots, ground settling and the disposal of caustic liquids. Inspections of vacant properties uncover problems nearly 100% of the time. In addition, over 50% of the structures built in Portland and Vancouver were constructed before 1960. The expected useful life (50-60 years) for the majority of the main sewer lines in these structures has already passed. Most of the problems start out small and rapidly grow when the sewer backs up.

Having a main sewer line inspection in Portland and Vancouver is the only way to bring these problems to light and can potentially save you money on repairs and help avoid backups from occurring in the future.

Work With Our Qualified Portland and Vancouver Sewer Line Inspection Team For The Results You Need

Our company has more than 30 years of collective experience in the real estate inspection business. This means our team knows what problems to look for, how to identify them, and how to help you find the best solution for any issues with your business’ main sewer line. In most cases, you will receive a full report of the inspection by the end of the next business day so you can quickly and efficiently resolve problems.

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