Residential Inspections

Enjoy the best Home Residential Inspections the Greater Portland-Vancouver area has to offer.  (Formally IronClad Inspection Services)

Residential Inspections for Buyers & Brokers alike will love the new Repair Request list they can generate from our software themselves, that will include any repair pics & comments found in your report that you want repaired….no more agent & client having to put that photo addendum repair response together after the inspection, this does it for you…………

What we do:

We take pride in the fact we spend as much time as it takes after the inspection to go over all repairs found/needed, with the client to show them visually on site whats needs done, with experienced based suggestions on how to fix by the inspector. 
We’ve found that this practice takes the guesswork, and stress out of going over the report later with client/realtor to determine a repair request list , because the client is already had time to think about them. 
This also applies to the written report, that is completed in a manner,  so that without ever seeing the property, or a specific issue on site, you will be able to fully understand the problem, and what to do about it by reading the report.