Power transformers

Its good to know the health of your power transformers. These are often hidden up between the ceiling tiles and the roof. What they do is transform the power voltage & amperage to a usable to your appliances level of energy. For example if your building has 600 volts coming in with a 3 phase supply, your water heaters and your office equipment needs to have plain ol 120 volts supplied to them.

There are different types of power transformers. They do need to be cooled, some are dry & some wet. (Thus means either by air, or a cooling oil) which brings us to the real point of the blog. Your transformers may be leaking which will eventually lead to overheating & failure. And if you have a triple net lease, that cost will be yours, and that will be high. So it’s good to know how the invisible (to normal folks who use the building) equipment in you’re building are working to avoid avoidable unnecessary costs. HINT: If you’re transformer is outside and on the property your still probably liable for it, but looking to see if it’s got shiny dark staining on the outside, that. will tell you, you have a leaking oil cooled transformer.