Oracle Property Condition Reports Show Costs

Oracle Property Condition reports show costs of needed repairs. We show three different categories of costs, immediate, short term, and long term. The last long term is the 5 year projection, with the immediate being self explanatory, but are things that will potentially damage other costly systems if not corrected immediately. The short term costs need attention in the 1-3 year time frame, and the long term from 3-5 years. It is in this way we prepare these commercial building inspections in order to prepare the new owner for what they will have to pay for through the typical holding period of a commercial building by an owner, or investor or lessor. Image shows a page in our reports that has tables to show these costs separated. They are not just mentioned here, this is a small example, they all are included in a table that can easily be referenced to to see the total costs, and what they are. And all of the costs are individualized to show in detail what they are, and why they are needed. We also provide real bids often by local contractors due to the rising costs of labor and material lately. It does not do much good to have costs reported to you, and pay for them to be accurate and they be gotten from an outdated source. This will inadequately prepare you for how your investment will cut into your profits. Going with these low cost inspection companies will cost you in the long run because they wont spend the needed time on the research to provide the needed accurate cost data. ,, #commercialproertyinspections, #propertyconditionreports, #commercialpropertyinspectionsinportlandor, #commercialpropertyinspectionsinvancouverwa, #bestcommercialpropertyinspector, #commercialrealestaeinspectionsportlandor, #commercialbuildinginspections, #commercialpropertyinspectionsinportland, #commercialpropertyconditionreportsportland