Oracle ensure you as a client & professional agent are fully informed while performing Commercial Real Estate Inspections

Oracle has performed a commercial building inspection or Commercial Real Estate Inspection on a property that has more inclusions to the building than expected. Here we have a bio filtration swail (or drainage ditch) that looks like it is something that would be maintained by the county. Typical commercial building inspections would only analyze the building itself only. But Oracle Inspection Consulting LLC goes much further and investigates what it feels might impact the new owners monetarily, & possibly any future effects to the involve professional representing the buyer. Oracle uncovers these possible costly factors so that these can be thought of during the buying negotiation process. We do this so they are not surprises later. When the connection between the drain in the ditch comes loose from that in the sewer system under the parking lot under the manholes as Oracle found out when talking to the engineers about the repair history. Oracle has found that for this property, that is an ongoing problem, and is the sole responsibility of the owner to maintain, repair and pay for. Oracle is not aware of any other commercial inspection company willing to do all that extra work by calling the counties engineering dept to find all of this out unless the absolutely have to, and in a typical commercial inspection, and commercial property condition report they would not do this, but Oracle Inspection Consulting LLC is happy to, in order to do work we can be proud of, that serves the professionals and private entities within our community.

Commercial Property Inspections

Here are pictures of the swail (ditch) and drains, and the below ground sewer blueprint Oracle had the county engineers send so that we could include it in the report for our client.