Multi-Family Apartment/Condo Building Inspections

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When doing a Multi-Family Building Inspections the focus from the client’s perspective is more on the major systems, namely electrical, plumbing, heating and AC, structure, and roofing as well as the site. The client also wants to know what they will need to spend on these over the next few years.

Multi-Family building inspections usually focus on the individual unit and what needs to be spent now to get it rented. The big question being, “How much do I have to spend now so I can use the property the way I want to and how much will it cost me for repairs and maintenance?”

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Differences Between Multi-Family Inspections & Commercial Real Estate Inspections

With Portland and Vancouver Commercial Inspections – Industrial, Office, Warehouse, Medical, Retail, etc. – there are many factors for each system and many code requirements depending on use, where it was built and when it was built. However, here are a few of the differences between each system when a Multi-Family Inspection is done vs. a Commercial Real Estate Inspection:


  1. In most commercial buildings, the plumbing is usually a much less stressed area because it typically only involves functioning toilets and hot water. Some properties, however, include other plumbing requirements sprinkler systems, food processing and the like
  2. The multi-family inspection process has many requirements, but the main one is function. Does the water volume drop in the shower when the toilet is flushed? Is there enough hot water for each unit?


  1. In commercial inspections, electrical systems vary widely. These situations can include anything from heavy manufacturing with huge services, vaults, transformers, or a small cabinet shop with the original 1940’s electrical service.
  2. Multi-family has fewer requirements in terms of size but numerous specific requirements such as safety outlets, smoke alarms, etc.

Heating and AC

  1. In commercial inspections, this again can include 50-ton roof mounted units, individual units for each office, or small-suspended gas furnaces to knock off the chill in a warehouse.
  2. Multi-Family can have anything from wall furnaces to small window heating and AC units.


  1. In commercial buildings, the roofing is usually similar from building to building. Most of them are the low slope/flat roofing systems.
  2. Of all the systems, roofing is the most similar between commercial and multi-family. For multi-family, these can be either sloped roofing like a home or flat type roofing systems.


  1. Commercial structures can vary from concrete tilt-up, to poured concrete, metal, wood frame with stucco covering to brick, etc. The vast majority of commercial structures are on concrete slabs. The roof supports and connections can vary a great deal and may involve truss systems, structural beams and cross supports.
  2. Multi-family buildings are also usually on concrete slabs, for the most part, have wooden frames and stucco coverings on the walls.


  1. Commercial sites are anything from large parking lot areas with extensive grounds to sites with only street parking.
  2. Multi-family, for the most part, has off street parking with some grounds.

Unique Circumstances For Multi-Family Inspections

Our focus for multi-family is functional use along with health/safety issues. With Commercial it is more from the practical aspects such as is there enough power to do what is wanted and will the roof keep the moisture out? Both cover function but from a different focus. In some circumstances, a specialist must determine the full scope of work needed and the costs involved. This is usually in the specialty aspects such as special requirements for electrical or Heating and AC.

It is imperative to have the buyer present at the inspection so certain items can be shown if needed, and so any concerns can be addressed. In one inspection, we found the buyer need a specific type of power to operate his machines. No one was aware of the issue and the buyer assumed the site had this type of power, even though it did not.

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