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Home  Inspections
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Structural Pest (termite) Inspections
Sewer Scopes
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Home Inspections

Even brand new homes can have faulty installations, or just have defective materials installed that were expected to run as new, but are missed in the walk through.

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Sewer Inspections

We use a state of the art compact unit, that provides a full color video of the sewer line from the cleanout, to the street (limited to 100′), and will be sent to the client to be shared with whomever they like.


Radon Inspections

Radon is a very serious risk to the american life cycle, and is the second leading cause of lung cancer, and it is easily remedied. WE provide the highest quality & accuracy reports complete with multiple color graphs to make it easy to interpret.


Pest Inspections

Typically, Any evidence of any WDO (wood destroying organisms), for a real estate transaction in Washington State under certain financing conditions can require a Structural Pest


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Buyers & Brokers
 alike will love the new Repair Request list they generate from our software themselves, no more putting that photo addendum together after the inspection, this does it for you…

What we do

We take pride in the fact we spend as much time as it takes after the inspection to go over all repairs found/needed, with the client to show them visually on site whats needs done, with experienced based suggestions on how to fix by the inspector.
We’ve found that this practice takes the guesswork, and stress out of going over the report later with client/realtor to determine a repair request list , because the client is already had time to think about them.
This also applies to the written report, that is completed in a manner,  so that without ever seeing the property, or a specific issue on site, you will be able to fully understand the problem, and what to do about it by reading the report.

Residential Home Inspection

Achieve Home Buyer Serenity!

Ok, that might be a stretch, but we are trying…. A proper inspection though, can certainly give piece of mind! ………… But even more important, homes can carry unexpected hazards that your inspector is trained to reveal, and advise you on.

Pest Inspections

Any evidence (which includes everything on this page) of any WDO (wood destroying organisms), for a real estate transaction in Washington State under certain financing conditions can require a Structural Pest Inspection Report to be completed in conjunction, with the general inspection report.

Radon Inspections

We do not expect you to take our word for it; Please take the time to verify, or dispute this info on your own. You families health depends on it. Begin by Googling Radon, or use the links below to the EPA etc.

Sewer Inspections

In order to serve our customers to the fullest capacity, we include sewer scopes in our line of services.

Our video reports are very intuitive, with the length of camera line out, time, date, and which way is up information stamped on the video, that will show on your viewing screen.

These are issues found in brand new homes that we have inspected locally. Now the owner of ironclad/Oracle  has a construction history & worked on subdivisions as a carpenter before, and understand that crews can work on five or six different homes at once, and things can be forgotten.

But, thats what Inspectors are for!

Evidence of Issues found performing brand New Home Inspections

No main electrical shutoff breaker

This is a brand new single story in Battleground, 1800 SF, fairly well built as a whole, has some unexpected deficiencies, but otherwise pretty upgraded, all photo’s are not shown as this is the example of what can be neglected, and actually be possibly dangerous.

This brand new home’s electrical panel, has NO MAIN ELECTRICAL SHUTOFF BREAKER. All homes require a method of turning off the power, in 6 movements or less in emergencies.

REMEDY: Either use a panel that can accommodate a main breaker, or install one. Remember, cost is always an issue as these breakers are the most expensive in the panel at $100-$200 retail, but for 10 homes that savings to a developer can add up.

Here we have the exhaust from the furnace that is in the attic, but is an uncompleted line, and has been operating with the furnace exhaust just blowing out into the attic at the unit. There are many reasons this is inappropriate, and can be hazardous. Carbon Monoxide is slightly less than neutrally buoyant so the lower level might be ok, but anyone in the attic while the furnace is running and they could pass out without knowing why.

This one is easy, the manufacturers label plainly states there must be 24″ of clearance between the furnace in the attic, and any combustible material, and although the tape is difficult to read in the photo, it is less than 18″.