Faulty Roofing Components

A commercial roofing membrane dosnt have to have holes in it, or be worn out to cause leaks that will cost the owner oney by destroying the components underneath. It has to do with how the roof membrane has been installed. Here we have a photo of incorrectly installed PVC membrane that actually LOOKS fine by the surface condition, but there are several deficiencies within this photo. It has to do with the parapet coping and the way the horizontal membrane is connected to the what should be a vertical membrane and the cant stripping that should join the both. The point is there are many components to a commercial roof that make up the whole system, with any of which that may be missing or installed incorrectly can shorten the effective life of your commercial roof. We’d be happy to explain in detail what is wrong with this picture, just give us a call for any questions that you may have concerning any problems you may be having with your building, or plan to buy, or lease.