Common Flat Roofing Problems

Why, no matter the expertise, many years of enjoy within the design and construction of flat roofs and the usage of increasingly sophisticated substances, do flat roofs still convey doubts and concerns to many property owner’s minds? The answer to this query lies in these 3 elements: Design, Construction and Operation.

Very common flat roof troubles stem from poor upkeep or a complete lack thereof. Regular preservation requires flat roofs to be periodically inspected for harm, repaired, cleaned and checked for the capability of its insulation and waterproofing houses


Design Errors – The biking thru hot and cold seasons deteriorates flat roofs across the Greater Toronto Area 12 months after year. On the surface of a roof temperatures can range from -30 to 80 ° C. They are also uncovered to UV (ultraviolet) radiation and several cycles of freezing and thawing. Therefore, the character and properties of the materials from which the flat roof could be made and insulated with ought to make certain capability under these conditions for at least 15-20 years.

Leaks, roof moisture and fungus are the maximum visible consequences of unsuitable protection. Poor insulation promotes warmth from escaping via the layers of roofs main to leaks and flooding from melting ice and snow. This manner turns into unfavourable to the flat roof and results in the deterioration and destruction of the membrane, flashings, gutters, downsputs, and melting or falling icicles that add chance your workplace.


Thermal Insulation

Each form of roof should have completed calculations of temperature and moisture. The aim is to no longer most effective select an appropriate thickness of thermal insulation, but also do away with the possibility of condensation among the layers of the roof and eliminate conditions conducive to the increase of mold at the ceiling and partitions at the internal. These calculations bear in mind the distance around windows, skylights, roof hatchways, etc. These are the locations in which freezing regularly happens and are favorable situations for mould growth. With inadequate air flow, steam and moisture in the layers purpose separation and may be visible visually on the ceiling and wall inside the shape of streaks and peeling paint coating, which can be tell all symptoms of weak point in the roof’s waterproof seal.


This layer on each flat roof, regardless of its function is crucial. The maximum not unusual motive of leaks is because of errors through the contractors: lack of know-how of the technologies used and the shortage of a qualified crew of employees.

Approaching the problem from the exterior (the “high quality side”) appears to make the most feel to many people. It takes a large amount of exertions to dig down to the bottom of your foundation wall. Once excavated, any regions in the roof decking or concrete foundation or partitions which have been compromised can be repaired with a brand new waterproofing membrane.

Substitution of Materials

A commonplace mistake is to apply “simply as proper however cheaper” alternatives or substances apart from the ones furnished by the manufacturer or chosen and described inside the challenge documentation. The resulting “financial savings” for the distinction in price of cloth is usually superficial and disproportionate to the value of any subsequent maintenance.

Equipment Technology

Proper execution of waterproofing generally depends on the use of special system. The waterproofing layers can can be mechanically mounted and connected to factories, glued or welded with warm air, fumes, flame or warmness-sealed and require the use of various varieties of equipment. Overheating of the burner flame can motive weight loss inside the asphalt’s insulating homes and can be made “stale”. This risk is clearly eliminated with the use of insulating substances welded by warm gases or hot air. Welding temperatures in this situation are too low to permanently damaged the roof waterproofing cloth.


Rooftop Equipment

Some belongings owners consider that the cause of the roof, because of the truth that it’s miles flat may be freely changed. Ventilation, HVAC devices, tv antennas and other rooftop equipment are connected via an inner set up done via the ceiling or attic, thru which the lead wires are often randomly positioned. Each of these elements could have a bad effect on the stability of the roof, insulation and may growth the load.

Green Roof Problems

Roofs with a layer of grass want the right thickness of the substrate (at the least 20cm). The growing grass calls for normal mowing and watering each day. Roofs with plants (shrubs and coffee trees) need to be careful – it’s miles unacceptable to hammer right into a roof (which include wood or metallic helps for trees) with out the expertise and consent of the producer or expert contractor. Waterproofing layers can effortlessly be damaged by this technique main to a re-roof or replacement, and that is an costly undertaking.