Commercial Roofing Replacements

Often a seller will tell us the roof has been replaced, and at first glance, even with invoices it can appear this is sufficient, but sometimes there can be inadequacies built into this recover. Different buildings have different roofing systems with insulation needed to be part of that system, but is not always allied in the same manner. Sometimes it is laid under the roof in between trusses, sometimes it is directly underneath the membrane, and this is where we see corner cut at times. In this case the roof has a fairly new EPDM roof membrane applied, and everything appears good, but the insulation and sheathing underneath were not replaced (not always does the sheathing require replacement), it all depends on how wet it was allowed to get, and then covered up deteriorates with wood rot if the old membrane was left long enough to leak all over the under components. This also compromises the insulation system as well. It is for this reason that although we do employ drones, we do not use them to inspect roofs as it is imperative the inspector “feel” the roof surface to detect any softspots, and then back up any theories of cause with thermography in order to get a total level of effect from this possible deficiency. In this case the roof membrane was replaced, but the rotted sheathing and compromised insulation were left with the new membrane laid over the remaining deficient components thereby exacerbating the problem by sealing in the moisture to let the wood rot fungus propagate. This severely shortens the “new” roofs effective lifespan and increased the cost to cure in our long term cost projections provided to the client.