Commercial building inspections find defects with roofs

Oracle finds defects of commercial buildings during commercial building inspections. In this inspection Oracle has found the roof was not built correctly in the first application. The correct method is easy to remedy, but expensive. Where all pitched surfaces intersect with a vertical surface water will accumulate. Water needs to be directed so it does not stand in a pool, that allows water to find a way through whatever roofing membrane is being used (in this case its modified mineralized bitumen). The roof repairs will need to include something the trades call a “cricket”. Plywood is used to make crickets in a triangular shape that is laid down at an elevated point on one side, and at the roof’s horizontal surface on the other. Crickets are covered with the waterproof membrane that is recognized as the roof. Crickets allow water to flow to the drainage spouts that are part of the roofing system instead of pooling to cause leaks. See photos that show omne area that has crickets, and the rest without. The first photo has crickets. The second photo does not, and has had sealant applied where leaks are forming.