Commercial Building Inspections by Oracle Inspection often uncover ungrounded panels

Commercial Building inspections. Ungrounded power panels can cause harm to the buildings interior amenities. Amenities that can be affected include high end electronics, appliances, and HVAC units. These appliances and amenities can total in the tens of thousands of dollars. By not having a connected ground to the power panel, the damage is caused by power surges and lightning strikes. Grounding of a power panel directs these power surges and excess voltage of a lightning strike to the ground where it is harmlessly absorbed. There are other ways to ground a electrical system in a commercial building. One of the other ways of grounding an electrical system is by bonding, so just not seeing a wire to your ground in your power panel does not mean your building is not grounded., #commercialbuildinginspections #commercialpropertyconditionreport, #commercialrealestateinspection, #commercialbuildinginspectornearme