Commercial Building Inspection Services. Interior leaks damaging systems

Oracle has performed a commercial building inspection on this property. On this commercial building we’ve performed a commercial property condition report on, we have a brick veneer facing over a concrete block wall constructed frame. What was done uncovered during this commercial building inspection was that the steel awnings that protect the unit below’s access from weather. These were not added on until AFTER the brick was added. But this did not allow for any flashing to be used and only a sealant keep water from dripping into the connection. This has caused leaking into the interior area. (most lekly from the holes drilled to attached the steel awnings) Because otherwise this would have been blamed on the leaking roof. We provide actual contractor bids for these needed repairs for this commercial building inspection in vancouver WA. This is one of the factors that makes Oracle stand out from other inspections. Which is our usage of real time contractor quotes that are included in the report to give our clients a better knowledge of what the costs are going to be in order to prevent further damage, or proper maintenance to keep other systems from being damaged. Oracle recommends using local contractors for costs vs cost analysis software. Commercial Building Inspection Services