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Oracle Commercial Building Inspections performs property condition reports

Small strip malls, with outer pads is one of the categories of commercial building inspections Oracle Inspection Consulting works on. Here we often find a list of repairs needed that will be handed of to the buyer or lessee if we do not alert them to their existence in our reports. Often our clients receive a discount in their contract price for the repairs we find. See our Google reviews as proof., #commercialbuildinginspector, #portlandcommercialbuildinginspections, #Vancouvercommercialpropertyconditionreports, #commercialbuildinginspectornearme

Oracle Property Condition Reports Show Costs

Oracle Property Condition reports show costs of needed repairs. We show three different categories of costs, immediate, short term, and long term. The last long term is the 5 year projection, with the immediate being self explanatory, but are things that will potentially damage other costly systems if not corrected immediately. The short term costs need attention in the 1-3 year time frame, and the long term from 3-5 years. It is in this way we prepare these commercial building inspections in order to prepare the new owner for what they will have to pay for through the typical holding period of a commercial building by an owner, or investor or lessor. Image shows a page in our reports that has tables to show these costs separated. They are not just mentioned here, this is a small example, they all are included in a table that can easily be referenced to to see the total costs, and what they are. And all of the costs are individualized to show in detail what they are, and why they are needed. We also provide real bids often by local contractors due to the rising costs of labor and material lately. It does not do much good to have costs reported to you, and pay for them to be accurate and they be gotten from an outdated source. This will inadequately prepare you for how your investment will cut into your profits. Going with these low cost inspection companies will cost you in the long run because they wont spend the needed time on the research to provide the needed accurate cost data. ,, #commercialproertyinspections, #propertyconditionreports, #commercialpropertyinspectionsinportlandor, #commercialpropertyinspectionsinvancouverwa, #bestcommercialpropertyinspector, #commercialrealestaeinspectionsportlandor, #commercialbuildinginspections, #commercialpropertyinspectionsinportland, #commercialpropertyconditionreportsportland

Commercial Building Inspections by Oracle Inspection often uncover ungrounded panels

Commercial Building inspections. Ungrounded power panels can cause harm to the buildings interior amenities. Amenities that can be affected include high end electronics, appliances, and HVAC units. These appliances and amenities can total in the tens of thousands of dollars. By not having a connected ground to the power panel, the damage is caused by power surges and lightning strikes. Grounding of a power panel directs these power surges and excess voltage of a lightning strike to the ground where it is harmlessly absorbed. There are other ways to ground a electrical system in a commercial building. One of the other ways of grounding an electrical system is by bonding, so just not seeing a wire to your ground in your power panel does not mean your building is not grounded., #commercialbuildinginspections #commercialpropertyconditionreport, #commercialrealestateinspection, #commercialbuildinginspectornearme

Oracle Commercial Building Inspections inspects commercial building water heaters

Commercial building water heaters have an effective lifespan. During a commercial building inspection we often find water heaters in the ceiling. Commercial water heaters have an effective age that restricts the amount of time they are useful operationally. Water heaters build up sediment as they heat water throughout the years. This sediment can affect thier efficacy and cause leakage that hidden in the ceiling, can cause damage to other system components without the knowledge of any maintenance crews until they fail completely. Complete failure can result in extensive damage and very high repair costs, compared to the cost of replacing them at a scheduled replacement date. During a commercial building inspection or property condition report we give the client the ages of all components, their remaining effective lives, and costs to replace these items.

Often as in the photo, these water heaters are installed without the required seismic straps, or much protection to the surrounding area. One leak and given its hidden nature it will cause thousands in repair costs.

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Commercial building inspections find defects with roofs

Oracle finds defects of commercial buildings during commercial building inspections. In this inspection Oracle has found the roof was not built correctly in the first application. The correct method is easy to remedy, but expensive. Where all pitched surfaces intersect with a vertical surface water will accumulate. Water needs to be directed so it does not stand in a pool, that allows water to find a way through whatever roofing membrane is being used (in this case its modified mineralized bitumen). The roof repairs will need to include something the trades call a “cricket”. Plywood is used to make crickets in a triangular shape that is laid down at an elevated point on one side, and at the roof’s horizontal surface on the other. Crickets are covered with the waterproof membrane that is recognized as the roof. Crickets allow water to flow to the drainage spouts that are part of the roofing system instead of pooling to cause leaks. See photos that show omne area that has crickets, and the rest without. The first photo has crickets. The second photo does not, and has had sealant applied where leaks are forming.

Oracle ensure you as a client & professional agent are fully informed while performing Commercial Real Estate Inspections

Oracle has performed a commercial building inspection or Commercial Real Estate Inspection on a property that has more inclusions to the building than expected. Here we have a bio filtration swail (or drainage ditch) that looks like it is something that would be maintained by the county. Typical commercial building inspections would only analyze the building itself only. But Oracle Inspection Consulting LLC goes much further and investigates what it feels might impact the new owners monetarily, & possibly any future effects to the involve professional representing the buyer. Oracle uncovers these possible costly factors so that these can be thought of during the buying negotiation process. We do this so they are not surprises later. When the connection between the drain in the ditch comes loose from that in the sewer system under the parking lot under the manholes as Oracle found out when talking to the engineers about the repair history. Oracle has found that for this property, that is an ongoing problem, and is the sole responsibility of the owner to maintain, repair and pay for. Oracle is not aware of any other commercial inspection company willing to do all that extra work by calling the counties engineering dept to find all of this out unless the absolutely have to, and in a typical commercial inspection, and commercial property condition report they would not do this, but Oracle Inspection Consulting LLC is happy to, in order to do work we can be proud of, that serves the professionals and private entities within our community.

Commercial Property Inspections

Here are pictures of the swail (ditch) and drains, and the below ground sewer blueprint Oracle had the county engineers send so that we could include it in the report for our client.

Commercial Building Inspection Services. Interior leaks damaging systems

Oracle has performed a commercial building inspection on this property. On this commercial building we’ve performed a commercial property condition report on, we have a brick veneer facing over a concrete block wall constructed frame. What was done uncovered during this commercial building inspection was that the steel awnings that protect the unit below’s access from weather. These were not added on until AFTER the brick was added. But this did not allow for any flashing to be used and only a sealant keep water from dripping into the connection. This has caused leaking into the interior area. (most lekly from the holes drilled to attached the steel awnings) Because otherwise this would have been blamed on the leaking roof. We provide actual contractor bids for these needed repairs for this commercial building inspection in vancouver WA. This is one of the factors that makes Oracle stand out from other inspections. Which is our usage of real time contractor quotes that are included in the report to give our clients a better knowledge of what the costs are going to be in order to prevent further damage, or proper maintenance to keep other systems from being damaged. Oracle recommends using local contractors for costs vs cost analysis software. Commercial Building Inspection Services

Will You Inherit Obligations With Your New Commercial Property

One of the factors that help us serve our clients is our experience as a commercial appraiser, which helps us look out for easement and encumbrance issues that will come along legally with the transfer of ownership. In this case we have a small sub station that services the whole building, but the buyer is only buying a single unit, that the substation happens to be in. Now we do not inspect these utility maintained specialized equipment, but we do track down how it being in our clients unit will affect them, by ordering deeds, CC&R’s etc. All of this is above and beyond the typical commercial inspection, but we believe in fully serving our clients to our highest capacity, and our experience in other fields of Commercial Real Estate allows us to do that.

Commercial Real Estate Inspection Parking and Paving

A commercial property condition assessment also addresses the surrounding parking facilities. Namely the condition of the asphalt paving. Very often buildings are sold right before a host of expensive maintenance procedures are coming up that can reach into the hundreds of thousands depending on the building size and how long ago it was built. Here we have paving that in the least needs to be crack and seal coated, but there are places at this buildings parking that will need total repair too.

Major Appliance Effective Ages vs Working

If you for example have a triple net lease, and it is time to return the building to the owner (depending on how exactly your lease is written) you are most likely responsible for the upkeep, and maintenance of the building and its amenities. This typically includes the major appliances, and you might think that since they all work fine that there is no legal obligation you can be stuck with. BUT, this can be misleading in the common sense world because all major appliances have a recognized expected effective age that describes how long they are expected to last, and when they are expected to be replaced. The last phrase is key, in that even if a major appliance (i.e. roof mounted furnace, or any HVAC units) is working fine, but it is older than its expected effective you can be held liable for its replacement even though it works fine. This is really for a reason though because once a unit is beyond its effective age there are other components that its older operation can negatively affect. If you don’t get an inspection, or at least know when these appliances are due to be replaced, and your owner does, you could be held liable for anything that is beyond its expected effective age. The photo shows an ID plate on an A/C unit that does work, and is into its 30th year of operation, but its effective age was up long ago.