About Oracle Inspection Consulting

Oracle Inspection Consulting is a Trusted Portland and Vancouver Building Inspection LLC

Oracle Inspection Consulting is a company of highly experienced Portland and Vancouver commercial building inspectors who can provide comprehensive services to those in Portland and Vancouver Greater Metro area and their surrounding areas including NW Oregon and SW Washington. If you are considering selling, buying, or leasing a property, it is very important to get the proper inspections before moving forward with the transaction. Our team can help you become aware of the things that others easily miss, possibly saving you a great deal of money, time, and keeping you protected by bringing to light these often unseen issues.

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Oracle Inspection Consulting

Trust in Our Experience & Skill

Our team has years of collective experience in performing meticulous inspections. The qualifications of our staff set us apart. We specialize in commercial properties of every type, ranging from multifamily buildings and schools to huge warehouses, malls, medical buildings, and high rises. Although typically a commercial inspection involves “visual only” issues, and does not test most equipment, we believe going above & beyond in our due diligence & making sure to detect even hidden problems and inspect hidden equipment (i.e. power transformers between the roof & ceilings) to reveal their true effective ages, & any detectable deficiencies. Often investors cannot be onsite for their investment transaction so we have to be their eyes so we not only provide photos of deficiencies, but also features so that an investor can see the qualities of a building as well as needed repairs.

In most cases, we deliver our comprehensive commercial Property Condition Narrative style Word 2016 written reports in a less than a week once we have inspected the property & accessed maintenance records. (twenty four hours for our residential reports, or the next business day). We are solution oriented in our inspection process and include suggestions for efficient resolutions that can prolong the life of the building or other commercial properties. We also often include local building contractor bids to get the real street level idea of repairs costs involved.

  • Why choose Oracle Inspection Consulting?
  • We have completed thousands of successful inspections & have decades of experience not only in the commercial & residential building trades, but the commercial & residential appraisal field as well, giving us a very all encompassing view of your transaction.
  • We protect our brokers and clients by giving them the fast & accurate information needed to fulfill their due diligence requirements.
  • We are always available post inspection to promptly answer any questions our clients may need answers too.
  • We utilize the highest available technological equipment to assist in our Property Condition Assessments (Inspections).
  • We have the specialized ASTM Standard E 2018-15 Education & Training necessary to provide ASTM compliant Property Condition Assessments & Property Condition Report’s.

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