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We serve both Washington & Oregon in the greater metro areas, out to the beaches and all surrounding rural communities. The difference between Oracle and the other commercial building inspections companies, is our greater experience in other fields (such as commercial appraising and construction) that allow us to go beyond just the building envelopes condition, and give the client a product we are proud to know is the most informative as possible. As often as possible we use real time bids by real contractors (and provide these bids in the report for the client & their profesional to refer to later) in order to be as accurate as possible during this time of covid related shortages, and rising costs that commercial cost estimators cant possibly account for.

But we don’t just stop there, (see our reviews on google that show we mean it when we go the extra mile so much that often our reports are used to get substantial reductions in contract prices) we analyze easements & encumbrances that could possibly affect the client & their professionals in the future which our appraisal history makes us especially qualified for. You’ll find most commercial inspectors are taught that if there is no roof access, they do not have to go on the roof, but we dont believe in that (given roofs are almost always in need of more attention than reported by sellers, and is usually the biggest commercial repair cost involved) and walk every roof to feel it’s condition and analyze its construction design. Many of the buildings in the Portland?Vancouver metro area are older, and in the “in between” category that the inspector still needs to get on to the roof, but don’t have accesses, and we ensure we will get onto them all.

Whether you’re in need of a smaller retail, or office building, to Industrial Infrastructure & High Rise, we have the experience & training to get the job done right, and like our reviews your welcome to see on Google, we go above and beyond other typical commercial building inspections and property condition reports. Most commercial inspectors are trained to examine the building only, which wont include much of what can still be on the property, but….we are not just concerned with how the building and its systems & components work now, but what are the buildings projected costs, and what liabilities may be carried with it. So in a way our product is intended to protect the client and the professionals involved with the deal from future issues by informing them as much as possible. Often we may have to look up permits, or engineering plans to eliminate as many of the possible surprises as possible. At Oracle Commercial Property Inspections, (Oracle Inspection Consulting) we have an extensive background that is related to the commercial & residential building industry, which give us and our clients insight as to the inner parts of structures that are covered by finished surfaces, and our commercial & residential appraising & construction experience helps us understand the whole situation, and allows us to deal with issues most inspectors just dont handle. Typically a commercial building inspection involves the building only, which is what inspectors are trained for only, but because of our history in the other fields on real estate, construction and appraising we are qualified to go further than that.

We have an extensive knowledge of the mechanics of a buildings structure, but also many legalities that go with a property such as easement and encumbrances. Sometimes it turns out that there are things on the property that look like they would be maintained by the city or county, but end up being the responsibility of the owner. We are one of the few in the region who has invested in the technical education required for the new ASTM standards implemented to ensure that the client is getting a professional report that is detailed in a way that the residential home inspection style reports dont have the format to deal with (that do not give repair costs, or long term projections). But even compared to other narrative style complete reports that are building envelope only related, by adding the cumulative construction, appraisal & investigative engineering history to our abilities that goes along with the real life experience within the commercial building industry we provide a superior product than the typical commercial building inspection report. And far more useful than these much used residential methodologies that are being used on a form & being called a commercial report (that do not give repair costs, or long term projections). Our 30 years history in Commercial & Residential Real Estate Appraisal, and Commercial/Residential Building gives our owner a well rounded knowledge base of the building and its transaction as well, which is where we really stand out.

For instance, to us, the paving is part of the inspection since it serves the buildings use, and those are high costs that are often overlooked, but sometimes even the sidewalk is the responsibility of the owner (it depends on which municipality it is in) which includes liability as well, which is also something we address which can be something as simple as a raised sidewalk crack, or it could be a large structure that by all appearances would be the responsibility of the county that end up being all part of the property. We uncover these hidden issues by doing the research necessary to inform the client and their involved professional to the greatest degree possible.

Not All Commercial Inspections Are Created Equal, but regionally a very small percentage of the “commercial Inspectors” have invested in the technical education needed to understand the myriad of different commercial building roofing, exterior cladding, mechanical, etc. systems that can be used in commercial applications. One needs only see how many inspectors refer to the recent STANDARDS IMPLEMENTED BY ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) on their websites to see who is current, and who is just doing residential inspections to commercial buildings. This is why they are typically referred to as a “PROPERTY CONDITION REPORTS” & the inspection process called a “PROPERTY CONDITION ASSESSMENT” performed by a field Reviewer which is typically the Inspector themselves.

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We believe that educating our customers with an informative analysis of the risks of their potential investment is the best service we can provide.

Commercial Property Inspectors

When you enlist our services, you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of construction flaws and building irregularities. We will offer you the information you require in order to make informed decisions when purchasing, leasing or selling a commercial building. We specialize in the inspection of commercial properties ranging from multi-family buildings, schools and malls to high rises, warehouses and medical buildings. Call for a quote on time frames and cost per SF. Typically we will need around a week to finish the report after the inspection, but it all depends on the complexity of the property, and delivery dates will vary for the Word based ASTM reports, and in most cases, we deliver our report within days of our inspection for any form reports, but these will have less info within & not include costs to cure (repair) important items such as roof, furnaces, etc. Oracle Commercial Property Inspections is solution-oriented and would be proud to offer you upkeep suggestions that will prolong the life of your commercial property.

What is the difference? The problem with not invoking the ASTM Standard 15 2018, is that now you are not using any standard other than what is taught for residential inspecting, and that does not cover the commercial needs of a commercial client that the standard recognizes as needing to know. Things like “ESTIMATED REMAINING ECONOMIC LIFE OF ALL FURNACES, AND BUILT IN APPLIANCES”, COST FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS FOR ANY REPAIRS THAT NEED TO BE DONE”, possibly the need for an Excel calculated Replacement Reserves Schedule for the next 12 years. Usually though the typical investor holding time for a property is averaging around 5 years, and that is the time frame we often use for any long term repairs parameters, which is just the beginning of the differences between a Commercial building inspected using residential techniques, and a Commercial building inspection report using ASTM standards & methodologies. The latter being what has grown to be the most trusted method, and why it is now the often the desired standard by Commercial property professionals. Often a Replacement Reserves will be calculated in Excel & incorporated into the WORD 2016 written report (as opposed to being on a form, with check boxes, and minimal details) with not only the deficiencies of a building mentioned & photographed, but its strengths also.

Oracle Commercial Property Inspections
Oracle Commercial Property Inspections
Oracle Commercial Property Inspections

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Oracle Commercial Property Inspections

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Without an accurate inspection, there is no telling what you are purchasing. This could spell potential disaster in the future. When you entrust your commercial building to our highly skilled commercial property inspection experts, the following questions and concerns will be addressed in a detailed report:

  • The subject building has a brick exterior, does this mean I have no maintenence for the buildings exterior?
  • How soon will I have to replace a the water heaters?
  • Do I need a new roof? How much will roof repairs/replacements cost?
  • The seller says the roof is 3 years old, is this true?
  • Are there transformers in the building, if so, how old are they, how much to replace them, and are they wet, or dry cooled?
  • How many years is the HVAC system estimated to have left?
  • Will there be paving costs within my lease term, and if so how much? How soon?
  • Is there moisture trapped between the roof and the insulation.
  • Are there any indications of structural damage.

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Not expecting our word to be taken without your personal knowledge, search on google for commercial inspectors schools to see how rare the education & locations are of any schools, there might be 2 in North America. So it is left up to the inspector to get the education by traveling across the country to learn many things that one can only know by being taught. If you’ve never been taught the technical stuff, walking around on roofs for 20 years doesn’t help you much other than learning by trial & error which can be hard on ones clients. So it is the inspectors responsibility to self regulate & get the education and visual in person experience for their due diligence. Many of the inspectors that do their reports on a form based format (similar to their residential work) are just applying residential practices to a commercial job, which in reality these do not serve the commercial client to their fullest needs, and most likely do not mention any standards, or any deviations from the standards, ie. see below questions that would never be asked for residential. For a commercial lessee, or owner its all about how much will the building cost me in the future, and when.

Oracle Commercial Property Inspections
Even on Venus!! The county should not allow this, so its up to the consumer to get a comprehensive, real commercial or home inspection due to possible county official oversights.

It Is The Hidden Details That Matter Most

Oracle Commercial Property Inspections
High Rise heat Loss

Our equipment is sensitive enough For Heat Loss Studies on Heavy Urban Land Use

The truth is in Washington, there are no licensing requirements for commercial, and many of the Residential Inspectors apply residential techniques and report writing to commercial, which is a completely different product given cost to cure is huge portion of the report. But this leaves the education, & experience responsibility up to the (Property Condition Analyst) inspector to dictate how ethical & professional they conduct themselves in the Commercial field, which has been known to be considered questionable if anyone has ever seen some of the rush & complacent work done out there in the residential field.

In Oregon, It’s a little better for consumer protection. A commercial inspector needing a special contractors license permitting the inspection of commercial properties, and those are categorized by size of commercial building use, amount of bond & insurance going up with the size of buildings serviced.

Respecfully though, it is the public, & clients responsibility to ask as many questions as possible, and include the above mention criteria in order to ensure they are getting the product that will serve them to the fullest extent. By ensuring their Inspector has the education & experience needed, any background history that indicates a knowledge of construction methodology. (We also have a 20 experience history in commercial and residential appraisal)

Occasionally the broker can help by refering a knowledgable inspector, but it depends on their level in the industry, and we have seen some that do want a more residential format than commercial, and there are differences that make acceptable practices (locally) for residential that are not acceptable in commercial, and knowing the difference is where the education helps.

Conversely, it can it take a long time to see an example of everything in the field, and how to resolve it (which is what the hands on academic component helps with) and the commercial field is vastly more expansive than residential, so also does the knowledge base need to be for the inspector, and or they have access to a team that can answer…….any question…which is also a part of the ASTM standard that we do not see much reference to on other sites. the TEAM approach. This is the standard allowing the use of specialists for large complex properties, i.e. airports, power plants, arenas, skyscraper, special purpose, etc. which we will go over in our team section.